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I remember it like it was yesterday. I was working in Boston at the time and wanted to get the best seats I could for my wife and I to see the city's opening performance of "The Phantom Of The Opera." To do so, I stood in line for six hours. Six hours! But it was worth it, as I ended up with tickets for stage center, two rows back from the front. I was held captive, both by the performers and their voices, as well as by the absolute musical perfection that Andrew Lloyd Webber had created. My favorite was the musical's theme song, where one heard what I call "the instrument of God" and a driving bass line combining to create an extremely powerful opening to the stage performance. My arrangement also opens with the organ and a driving bass line, but I use instruments rather than the human voice to carry both of the vocal parts. As the song progresses toward its dramatic closing, a driving percussion line is added.