1. Kiss Of Fire
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Some of my happiest memories as a newbie drummer were when my dad's best friend, Bob Sheperd, and his son, Scott, would ask me to sit in on one of their basement music sessions. As everyone in both families gathered 'round, Bob would get things rolling on his accordion, and Scott and I would do our best to back him up as he brought to life some really great dance music. My favorite of all his pieces was his rendition of "Kiss Of Fire," what I would later learn was one of the most popular tangos in Argentina and a 1950's hit in America for singer Georgia Gibbs. Although many different singers/musicians gave it a go over the years, in my opinion, no version ever came close to the drive and sheer magic that Bob and Scott brought to the piece. As for the arrangement on this album, it opens in tango-esque fashion and finishes in a way more reminiscent of Bob's kind of accordion styling. Quite simply, it's this man's attempt to capture -- just one more time -- a bit of the magic of those bygone days in the Sheperd basement.